Bot for Discord with some commands,chat filter, chat AI and music-bot with playlist for each user in the Server

Instalation and start:

install libs:

get a tokken from

change tokken in /SETTINGS/

edit /SETTINGS/authorization.json

and change the roles for authorization to some commands

start bot with:

add to autostart:

after LXDE-pi add line:

add bot to your server

to get all commands write in discord: *help


prefix autorole rolename - set role for new members (.autorole Member)

prefix autorole clear - delete the role for new members

prefix music help - commands for the music bot

prefix clear 5 - delete last 5 messages in channel

prefix admin role role_name name - add role to member

prefix admin removerole role_name name - remove role from member

prefix admin kick name - kick a member

prefix admin ban name - ban a member

prefix admin unban name - unban a member

prefix admin name nickname - change nickname from member

prefix cat - shows random cat image

prefix bot - texting with the bot (bot hello / bot dice - roll the dice / bot oracle Question - answer with yes,no or maybe / bot bitcoin - get the Exchange rate / bot write somthing - talk with the bot)

default prefix is . example .cat

Music Commands:

.music join - join your voice channel

.music disconnect - disconnect voice channel

.music play url/name - plays the youtube url or song from name

.music pause - pause the player

.music resume - resume to music

.music stop - stop the player

.music volume 50 - set volume to 50% (steps: 0, 10, 20 ... , 200)

.music addplaylist playlistname url - adds a url to playlistname

.music rmplaylist playlistname url - remove a url from playlistname

.music removeplaylsit playlistname - removes the playlist with playlistname

.music startplaylist playlistname - starts the playlist with the name playlistname

.music skip - skip to next song in playlist

.music getplaylist - shows all playlist for this server